The Young Foreigner Special Part XXXIV: The Kingdom of Cordelia

Previous > Part XXXIII: About Founders   SPECIAL PART XXXIV: THE KINGDOM OF CORDELIA     Another special Part for the prized reader – who has been patient enough to follow the story this far – about the Kingdom of Cordelia. Also known all over Sahara as the ‘Valley of the Seers’, Cordelia one of the Major... Continue Reading →


You Were The One

In a world Where I saw suppression first hand, You were the one to say That it was only an illusion. In a world Where I saw only the negative side, You were the one to tell me That it wasn't true. In a world Where I saw everything upright, You were the one to... Continue Reading →

Home ♥(Rant)

This is how you get over heartbreaks and make a fresh start! Sameera has described this is so beautifully and everybody has got to read it!

The Elixir Of Words♥

There are sunsets you never want to see because the dusk will come with memories that are no longer soothing. There are even sunrises you never want to embrace because the dawn will bring moments you don’t want to live alone. In between them, there is afternoon when you will be in busy doing your work and there will be no memories. You will be working on things that matter the most to you. You won’t be reminded of anything. You will work and just work until you get tired. You will leave for home. Home can be a person too. It all depends on you. And if you don’t find that particular thing as your home, you will get drown in sadness again. The emptiness will haunt you and you will try to bleed them on paper. Nothing will happen still. You will still be crying with pain and…

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I don't know what this is I feel, But I do know that my chest aches And my heart strings tug tunes, Whenever you say the sweetest of things Without even trying to be sweet. I don't know what this is I feel, But I do know that the Earth feels like heaven And I... Continue Reading →

The Young Foreigner Part XXIX: Refuge

Previous > Part XXVIII: Familiar   PART XXIX: REFUGE There was utter silence for a moment. Not a soul spoke. Even the wind seemed to understand, for it did not make much noise. Then, the woman’s expression changed to that of concern and she immediately gripped the young lady’s hands in both of hers. “It’s all... Continue Reading →

Changing Valentine’s Day

Hello! I know it's been a long, long time since I've written anything other than poetry and stories on this blog. But, please be aware that they are also just as much ranting as I do with articles such as this one. They're just different ways of expressing my frustration, love, etc. So, this article... Continue Reading →

The Young Foreigner Part XXVIII: Familiar

Previous > Part XXVII: Escape   PART XXVIII: FAMILIAR Without further ado, Sheen reluctantly left her rider to his devices, wondering which direction to go. Extremely tired, she limped on in a general direction, before Racer landed on her back. Elmeida, who had hopped off when the raven was just quarter a kammel off the ground,... Continue Reading →

Unconditional Love

A Love so absolute - Warm and inviting - Never too hard nor too soft - It's called Unconditional Love. A Love so absolute - Pure and simple - Never too harsh nor too kind - It's called Unconditional Love.


You are the shadow at the periphery - Wherever I go, you follow me like a hopeful lover, I rejected you for some time, but you never once gave up - In the end, I gave in, but I didn't realise. An angel caught my attention then - For three years he was on my... Continue Reading →

To Him, With Love

Love drives me crazy, Love annoys the heck out of me, Love makes me mad. Love demands that I be the best, Love is telling me how silly I can get, Love challenges me to be proud of what I do, Love pushes me to love myself, too. Love is gentle and kind, Love can... Continue Reading →

The Path to Positivity

I listened to you all this time. I agreed with some things you said, even when I knew it was wrong. I stuck by your side during your bad days. I took your rants seriously and tried to help you with all my heart. And what did you do for me in return? You listened... Continue Reading →

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