The Happiness Quotient #2

Three months ago, as I was getting used to staying by myself in a new city with a new language, I found out that one of my favourite cousins was also staying in the same city. I wanted to see my cousin again, since it had been two years since we last met. We finally …

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A Little Something

Have you ever felt like there more happiness in this world than gloom? Have you ever felt that life is more beautiful than you had thought before? Have you ever thought that there can be light in the darkness that is your life? And all because one encounter that lasted less than two hours? All …

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Melodious Music of the Month – 6

Hello and welcome back to The Mysterious Beyond! It's time for the Melodious Music of the Month. This time, we have a song by Keane, called "Everybody's Changing". This actually holds a great significance for me at this point of time. Have you ever had a time when you feel like everything and everybody around …

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Genesis – Prologue: Risky

Hello everybody!!
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The Mysterious Writer

She was waiting, for what she did not know, standing in the midst of nowhere—she had just inkling that something was gravely wrong.

It was a known fact that she and he were rivals of the extreme kind. If word got out as to what she was doing, she would definitely be arrested for crossing the boundary of dignity. Nobody would ever understand why she was doing this. That is, if she was correct.

But, she had a feeling that she had to do this. She felt that what she was witnessing would very soon escalate to something serious. So, no matter the odds, she resolved to stay put and not back out even for a little while.

If anything were to happen to me, she thought, grimly, Maria would take care of everything. I know she’d have sense enough to get away without trouble. That way, only I…

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