A Poor Old House

This is a poem I once wrote for an English assignment back in my IX Standard. Some of you have read it, but I shall post it here.

A poor old house

That I came across

(Please note that this image is only representative and not meant to violate any possible rights. )

Was standing there

Near a forest

Pleading me to buy her.


Her windows were staring at me,

Like she knew I was considering

Whether buy her or not.

Indeed I was—

I debated over it for some time:

I thought and thought and thought.


Finally, I made up my mind—

I would not buy this house;

It was too huge for me.

I had another small one anyway.

And I went away, satisfied.



The following is the same poem from a different perspective. Please click on the link below:

A Poor Old House

Enjoy! 😉


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