The Marriage

Ciao! Here's another short story of mine... It's called "The Marriage" - set at the end of the British colonial era. Marie did not know her sister was marrying. She knew Lucy had mentioned a boy named Kevin and how crazy she was about him. She heard her parents discussing wedding plans with Lucy. Marie just did not... Continue Reading →


Did You Know…? Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots married Francis, Dauphin of France, with whom she had been engaged to since her infancy. She was fifteen and he was fourteen. However, he died two years later. Mary had married twice since then.  Queen Mary loved her first husband, Prince Francis, so dearly that she had written a poem about... Continue Reading →

My Last Day in the World

They told me that To-day was my last day On this planet. At the end of to-day, They said, A severe catastrophe would Blast the planet and All living beings on Earth Would cease to exist. Oh, my last day on Earth! My last day on Earth!! How can it be? For I have not... Continue Reading →

Tall Tales… 2

I had always seen "Frozen" trailers and advertisements on television but had never been attracted to it, till I actually watched it. On television, about two years after it was released. Of course, its story formed the core part of the first part of the fourth season of my favourite show, "Once Upon A Time", which I... Continue Reading →

“Peer-reviewed Sources” vs. Wikipedia

Kindly note that this article is purely meant for awareness. The source is given in the end. "Peer-reviewed" Sources vs. Wikipedia "Peer-reviewed" sources and Wikipedia represent two opposing poles of what most instructors want to see in a research paper. Here's an brief explanation of each. First, the great majority of instructors do NOT want... Continue Reading →

Did you Know…? Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria (1819-1901) was dubbed the "Grandmother of Europe". She married Prince Albert of Germany. Their nine children married the children from various nobles and royal families, including Russia. So far, Queen Victoria was the longest-reigning monarch, having ruled 64 years. She was so committed to her husband that, when Albert died, she became very depressed... Continue Reading →

Lost Voices

Forewarning: Please pay no heed to this blog if you do not follow me or have arguments negating my opinions expressed freely here (come on, this is democracy - can I not go against the convention for once?). Feel free to express your opinions in the comment column (i.e., I think you must be a... Continue Reading →

Tall Tales… 1

Back in XII Standard, my class was told that we had to do a project each in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I had chosen to do a Bio-Chemistry project in order to make my work easier. My first choice for such a project was the Human Genome Project. Speaking broadly, a genome is the genetic material inside... Continue Reading →

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