“The Mentalist”

Konichiva! 🙂

The Show

Quite a few of you must have heard of the television serial called “The Mentalist”. There are totally seven seasons. It is mainly the story of a team of California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) agents, which includes Consultant Patrick Jane.

Season 1 shows always opens with this:

Season 1 opening

“The Mentalist” follows the life of Patrick Jane, a former conman, who enters into the profession of crime-fighting months after he comes home to see his wife and daughter shot dead by the most-wanted criminal, who goes by the name “Red John”. Patrick Jane, as a teenager, worked in a circus with his father, who influenced him to cheat and con innocent customers. As he grew up, he wanted to get out of these ways, but found that he could not do so. He has razor-sharp observational skills and has enough worldly experience to make accurate conclusions. After marriage, he takes the job of a psychic, using his sharp observations to satisfy his customers. He is also said to have helped the police crack some “Red John” cases before the death of his wife and daughter. However, a crisis descended on him, when he boasted on a television show about the latter. In a burst of anger, “Red John” kills his wife and daughter by the time he reaches home. Patrick Jane was heart-broken and so, he admitted himself for rehabilitation.

After about six months of disappearance, Patrick Jane comes back into the picture. He goes up to the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the police agency that had handled all the “Red John” cases of the past, including that of his wife and child, and requests to see the “Red John” case files. Despite being refused continually, he adamantly demands for them. Finally, the overseeing Special Agent Virgil Minelli, to keep him out of his hair, politely requests him to go with one Agent Lisbon and her team, to observe the crime scene that they had just go wind of.

Agent Lisbon is not very happy, but, being the head of her unit and law-abiding as expected of a police officer, accepts and Patrick Jane goes with her. He is curious about the crime scene and the murder victim, and quickly deduces the minute details that the police could only get after several tests. Agent Lisbon and her team are stumped; they verify his deductions, and they turn out to be exact!

Thus begins Patrick Jane’s journey as a crime-fighter, as he is offered the job of a consultant after he cracks that case with sheer “mind-reading” and his sharp noting of human behaviour. He accepts the offer, in the hopes of finding “Red John” and to avenge the death of his family and of several other victims.

So…in the end, will Patrick Jane find “Red John” or finally satisfy himself without revenge? If he finally meets “Red John”, what will he do…?

round-table conference

Believe me, I myself do not know! 😛 I am yet to find out!

“The Mentalist” vs. “Castle”

“The Mentalist” makes a great watch for “Castle” fans – and many others, too. The only difference between “Castle” and “The Mentalist” is that, the characters in the latter come from poorer backgrounds, as compared to the former, in which the characters mostly come from a richer background, especially Richard Castle. This is my opinion from what I had watched.


Sayonara! 😉


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  1. i’m totally digging ur thought on the show. I hope you took the time to get to know the show and watch it cause in the end it truly was something truly magical. It’s a big part of my life, and the fanbase for it was incredible. Simon Baker and the rest of the cast was just incredible to their fans right to the end. i hope you take the time to watch it so you can enjoy the awesomeness that it was, and no the reference the smartest pigeon on the planet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there!
      No, I am yet to watch the last two seasons. I am a little caught up with studies and life in general, but I have NOT forgotten that show – or those wonderful characters! I shall definitely take time to watch the rest!
      And thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog. I really, really, appreciate it!!

      Ananya 😀



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