Wondering Machine

Konichiva! :-) A bright day – or, a bright night, if you are reading this after six in the evening.

To-day, I would like to share my thoughts about a certain colour that has always intrigued me whenever it was mentioned.

Remember when you were small, your sister or girl-friend would say, “My favourite colour is baby pink!” And when you said, “You mean, light pink, right?”, they would say, “NO, not light pink! BABY pink!”

Now, my question is, what is baby pink? I mean, what is the difference between light pink and baby pink, right?

I opened www.ask.com and posted this question in the search box: “What is baby pink?” and eventually was led up to this link:


This question sprang into my head as I recollected one particular acquaintance of mine. She and I were friends back in my hometown for four years. When the topic of colours came up, she always said that her favourite was baby pink. Like I said before, I would always to ask her, “You mean light pink, right?” and she used to say, “No, no! BABY pink!”. Then, I would ask her the difference between the two and she used to say… Well, I don’t really remember, ’cause it used to slide off my head. 😀

So there.

Even as I went through the link I copy-pasted above, I saw no difference. Yet, officially, there is a shade of pink called ‘baby pink’! It really beats me, though!

So, my faithful readers, if you happen to understand the difference, kindly let me know. You all have my mailing address. 😉

That’s all I have for you to-day.

Sayonara! 🙂



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