Did You Know…? The Mighty Roman Emperor Nero

Ciao! πŸ™‚ I am sure that every one of you is more than familiar with the Roman Empire and its imperialist expansion for over two centuries. Well, this "Did You Know...?" article is about the fifth Roman Emperor, the great Nero. I have completed a short course on the History of the Roman Empire and …

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Tall Tales… 5

Ciao! πŸ™‚ Tonight, I have a comic strip from Bangalore Times published on Tuesday, 10 May 2016. It is everybody's (I hope) favourite "Dennis the Menace": πŸ˜€ Dennis was originally a creation of American artist and writer, Hank Ketcham (1920-2001). His comic character, Dennis, began to be published in newspapers and magazines in 1951 in …

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