Did You Know…? The Mighty Roman Emperor Nero

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I am sure that every one of you is more than familiar with the Roman Empire and its imperialist expansion for over two centuries.

Well, this “Did You Know…?” article is about the fifth Roman Emperor, the great Nero.

I have completed a short course on the History of the Roman Empire and am in the process of doing another one. Among all the emperors I have read of, one orΒ two have interested me; one of them was Nero…

  1. Nero was considered by everybody (no, not just Historians to-day, but even by his own subjects) to be quite a lazy man. He did not do much of administrative work aside from building palace after palace. His greatEmperor Nero construction was the Domus Aurea (or, the Golden House).
  2. It was said that during the Great Fire of Rome (64CE), as Rome burned,Β Emperor Nero climbed the tallest structure in the city to sing to the fall of Troy!
  3. Emperor Nero was supposed to be interested in artsy things, such as painting, acting, singing, etc., which was a quality unheard of in an emperor at the time. This led to him being distrusted by his own men.

Finally, fed up with his attitude and ignorance towards his subjects, one of his slaves forced him to commit suicide in 68CE, thus ending a fourteen-year idiocy.

However, we do have accounts by the RomanΒ historian, Suetonius, who apparently gives a brighter view of the emperor. But, it is a sure fact that Emperor Nero was quite incapable of maintaining a huge empire like Rome.

Ciao! πŸ™‚Β See you again!


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  1. Enjoyed reading this post; so, yes history can be fun to read. I majored in History and cultural history, but think I would drown the whole article in facts, and it would be boring, so well done, am looking forward to more, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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      1. By their acts of omissions and commissions, these special category of people are really putting the horse before the cart and stalling the progress where it ought to have been for the benefit of the mankind. Thanks

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