Gone none forgotten

This is a very beautiful poem, to say the least, from a beautiful poet.

The Darkest Fairytale

You may be gone, but forgotten never,
Your memories live on, for us to treasure,
Those who passed, will never go away,
They’ll walk beside us, every day.

A branch fell, from the family tree,
An ache begun, inside of me,
Your at peace, & now you can rest,
Remembering how, you was truly blessed.

When I look for you, I look to the skies,
Your up in heaven, where you rise,
Brightly shining, as a star,
Your never close, & never far.

When I’m down & I shed a tear,
I know your watching, I feel you near,
Life goes on & I feel the pain,
But one day, we’ll be together again.


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