Stand tall…

A very inspirational poem–a must-read! 😉

The Darkest Fairytale

Didn’t know myself, like I do today.
I had to get lost, to find my way.
Fearing the darkness, & fearing the light,
Getting knocked down, to learn how to fight.

Opportunities I missed, due to the pain,
Clawing them back, they’re mine to claim,
This is what matters, standing tall,
Coming back stronger, after a fall.

Felt like quitting, many times before,
Moments like these, show us what we’re fighting for,
Getting knocked down, is only the beginning,
The fun starts, when we come back kicking.

I’ve walked in your shoes, & you’re not alone,
We have to jump the hurdles, life has thrown,
So every night, when you close your eyes,
Remember, There’s a purpose for you life.


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