Time is precious… in so many different ways! 😉

The Darkest Fairytale

I know what I want, but it’s not what I need,
Happiness, love, not materialistic greed,
Is there anything I hold, that I would collect?
If my house took fire, & everything was wrecked

What I’ve learned, that I’m good at doing,
Is creating a life, from the ruin.
If everything burned, & if everything was lost?
I could get it back, at a pricey cost,

Time is the one thing, that I couldn’t buy,
You can spend money, but the days go by.
It’s there today, & it’s there tomorrow
You can’t trade time, & time, you can’t borrow.

Time is something, that can’t be forgotten.
We’re all different, but we have time in common
Some have more, but some have less,
Something priceless, that we possess,

Spend your time, it will soon be gone,
Be happy, free, & hold a loved one,
Don’t waste time, on money, power & gold

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