“What A Girl Wants”

Ciao! 😀

“It’s not the crown that makes you Queen. [pointing to her heart] It’s what in here.”

Jocelyn Dashwood to Daphne Reynolds

Last weekend, I had watched this movie called “What A Girl Wants”. This touched me a lot and thought that I would share my thoughts on it here. 🙂

The movie begins with a teenage girl waitressing at a wedding and her single mother singing with her band after the formalities. We see the young Daphne Reynolds looking at the bride and her father dancing happily to a father-and-daughter song. As she watches other fathers dancing with their daughters, she thinks about her own father, whom she had never met, and wonders when he shall come to her.

Like Father, Like Daughter

So, the story goes on to reveal that Daphne’s father, Lord Henry Dashwood, is a politician in London (an Englishman), whom her mother had married, but had to leave due to his family not accepting the bride’s American ways and manners. One day, Daphne decides to go to her father all by herself, in London, to get her father to accept him. But, when she’s finally there, a shock awaits her…

Searching for Daphne.png

After a lot of twists and misunderstandings that follow, will Henry finally accept his daughter?

And, more importantly, will her parents get back together??

 Daphne with Ian

“What happened to the old you? The real you?”

Ian Wallace to Daphne Reynolds


Lord Henry Dashwood: “What I wanted? What I wanted was to be given a chance.”

Libby Reynolds: “You had seventeen years of chances, Henry, and I had seventeen years of waiting for you to take them.”


“You know, when I was little, every birthday I get all dressed up and I’d wish that if I going to love, you’d come to find me. And now here I am in the most beautiful dress I could ever imagine…you’re here… You know what I miss now? I miss being me! I finally realise that that is enough.”

Daphne Reynolds to Henry Dashwood

This movie is a must-watch – especially to all the father’s daughters out there! 😉

Ciao! 😀

“You think I’ve waited seventeen years for an apology?”

Libby Reynolds to Henry Dashwood


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