Are You Crazy?

A must-read for every individual living in the 21st Century!!! 😀
Riya very aptly put the general annoyances of the orthodoxy into such wonderful words! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thinking Out Loud

You are Pakistani and you want to marry an Indian girl? Are you crazy? You are not just two human beings in love, you are two different religions, two rival nations constantly at a war! Where do you see love in it?You are enemies and unless you want to perish in the hands of society, you go marry a a girl of your ‘label’.

You are gay? Are you crazy? Nobody is gay by birth! You are supposed to love a girl not a person you love. It is just a phase and you will soon be over it. Have the homosexuals gotten to ya? There is no such thing as being gay. It is an illusion, you can’t be gay!

You want to wear a skirt? Are you crazy? You are a male and skirts are for females. It is not just a stupid piece of clothing, it is…

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