Anne’s As You Like It… #6

Ciao!! A bright day to y’all!! B-)

I actually have nothing to say, but wanted to compensate for not posting anything an entire fortnight; felt so guilty and all, making my friends here (like Riya :P) wonder if I left this blog or something… 😀

Anyway, I do actually have a poem and an incident to share with you, but they are not quite ready for the world to read and admire (as if… :D) as yet, so – but, I shall definitely be posting them soon!!

So, here is another of my silly, meaningless thoughts: 😛


Do let me know what you make of this, though! 😉



7 thoughts on “Anne’s As You Like It… #6

      1. Your latest poem, “Dancing Only For You……” is very beautiful, too, and I so badly wanted to comment this:

        “Beautiful….!! *gazes in awe*”

        ….but, unfortunately, this WordPress problem still persists and I have not been able to post it… (at least I could not see it anywhere… please check your Spam, Just in case…).



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