Help Me, Please!!

Hello, my friends on WordPress!!

I need help from you as soon as possible!

Remember my distress call the other day?? Wherein, I said that I could not comment on other people’s blogs? Well, that problem still persists!!

All those people whose blogs in which I have liked posts, please check your Spam. And tell me whether you have any comments from me!

A fellow user once happened to tell me that he found a commentΒ I made on his post recently had gone into his Spam. So, please, please, check and comment below…!!

I am going mad being in the dark…!! So, please help a fellow blogger!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! *folds palms in humility*


17 thoughts on “Help Me, Please!!

Add yours

    1. Hi!!😎
      Yes, I did that before I published this post, but I did not get anything. I even posted it in a forum, the second week after this began, but I got no response…
      Thank you for the response, anyway, and trying your best to help.πŸ˜ƒ I really appreciate it.

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  1. WP never replies on time.. I heard a lot of casE’s like yours where messages are going in spam.. So don’t feel it’s happening with you only.. ask your followers to check their spam folders and mark your messages as not spam..

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    1. Hi, there!!😎
      It is really heart-warming to know that there are many cases like mine.πŸ˜† Thank you for the response. I have been doing my best to get people to check their Spam messages. It is all I can do, like liking their posts. So, I am now hoping that that will work.
      Thank you so much, once again.😊😊

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