My Doggy Adventures Part II

So, I told you how I commute from my home to my college and back. This incident happened just a few days ago.

This year, I had to change my route a little. I used to walk the service road and then turn into the lane which led me straight to my house. This time, though, I have to take an alternative route, which deviated from the original route, though it ran parallel to it. So, I walk on the service road, pass the left turn leading straight to my house, go straight ahead to a specific petrol bunk, take a left there, a second left, and a right turn. This road will come back to my original route and lead me home.

So, I was walking that route this particular evening that I am about to describe.

To my terror, a dog began to follow me, after I turned onto the road after the petrol bunk! I was keeping tabs on it, trying to convince myself that it was not actually following me, but was simply going in the same direction I was.

Turned out I was wrong. It wanted to play with me.

Horror of all horrors, that was dead true…!! How, you ask? Well, it went like this…

I was walking, keeping myself on high alert. The dog would come near me. I had my phone in my hand (I am supposed to carrying it for a specific reason) and I try to use it as my weapon. I wave the phone in its direction as if I was throwing a stone at it. It would back away. I would resume and it would follow me again! I tried my stunt again, but it was not entirely successful. In fact, my feeble attempt failed miserably.

It was then that I saw my Angel in my line of sight. (Of course, at the time he was just a man of 25 years or so walking on the same road; basically, another fellow passerby.) He bent down to pick a stone and began shooing away the dog. That was when I realised that he saw the whole scene. It actually worked…

For a while.

When I turned onto the road connecting me back to the road leading to my house, I saw the dog chase me again. My Angel in Disguise also turned onto the same road and he also saw it. He stopped and once and for all got rid of the dog. I walked away a few steps, hoping to get out of range of the dog’s scent. I so badly wanted to thank my Angel in Disguise, but of course I could not. So, I thanked God for sending him instead, hoping it would somehow reach him.

I walked away and narrated the story to my mother once I reached home.


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    1. Yes, I wish the same…!! πŸ™‚
      Thank you for reading my posts. I really appreciate it!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
      By the way, I commented on two of your poems; I don’t know whether they reached you or they are in your Spam. But, I just wanted to say that I really loved them both!! B-)

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    1. Hello! B-)
      Thank you for your valuable response!
      And I really appreciate you nominating me, but this is my third nomination, and I really think that someone else must be given this opportunity. Please, I wish to decline the nomination. Thank you very, very much, though. πŸ™‚
      Ananya πŸ˜‰

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