Hello World!! How are you all doing?!

I am back with a brand new poem for y’all. This one is called “Reminiscence”, a poem based on a collection of memories from a past that cannot be redone. Past cannot be undone. One cannot go back to the past to try and change it. What happens remains like that. No one, even the President (or, the most powerful person in the world, whichever you’d prefer) cannot go back to their past and take back the words that they had uttered ruthlessly or without much thought.

I, at the age of 20 years, do not have many regrets. If I do, it is only that of hurting this one person who was kind enough to try and help me live my life properly and I had turned them down. But then again, I was only a little girl then, both mentally and in actuality. And now, looking back, I feel that I should not have said that. Personally, I wish that those scientists of ours would hurry up and invent a time-machine, so I could go back and stop myself from uttering those words.

Anyway, enough of my gossip; go straight to the poem:


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See you!


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    1. Hello there!!
      It’s nice of you to visit my blog once again. And yes, I have done and said things when I was younger, that I shouldn’t have. But, now that I know better, I am determined to correct them in the near future! B-)

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