On Pride

What is Pride? What does it indicate/mean? Why are we always saying that somebody is proud or that we are proud of somebody because they have done something? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term 'pride' corresponds to various meanings:  "inordinate self-esteem : conceit" "a reasonable or justifiable self-respect" "delight or elation arising from some... Continue Reading →


Love and Hate

Love is a velvet cloth Draped over our hearts Like a calm ocean wave. *** Hate is a poison in our throats, Slowly cracking a fissure in our hearts, And breaking down our essence. So, I tried my hand at Haikus once again, one boring Indian Economy class and...turns out, the class was actually productive!!😂... Continue Reading →

I’m A Girl – So What?!

Good evening! So, I have a new poem for y'all - rather revolutionary...venting out all my frustrations...!! I hope it does not offend anybody here - it is not meant to! If at all any of you are offended, then please refrain from reading it; I only encourage constructive comments, not anything offensive, as I... Continue Reading →

On Happiness

Konichiwa!!:D I have a bad cold to-day, so I'm unhappy. I have a cold every other day, so I'm unhappy every day. There is absolutely no sense in this, is there?😐 I have to submit an assignment to an over-expecting lump of a teacher, in a manner that she deems me as passed. And this... Continue Reading →

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