On Happiness


I have a bad cold to-day, so I’m unhappy.

I have a cold every other day, so I’m unhappy every day.

There is absolutely no sense in this, is there?😐

I have to submit an assignment to an over-expecting lump of a teacher, in a manner that she deems me as passed.

And this one? Oh well, I just learnt from a friend that it is such a trivial matter that I mustn’t let it get on my nerves.😅

It’s true that in life, we come across circumstances that either scare us or disgust us. Sometimes, like the cold, they can tire us so bad we get real bored. Or, like that “over-expecting lump of a teacher”, they can kill us by simply over-thinking about them.😁

We just need to let it go and get it our best shot. That’s what God wants us to do. That is what we are meant to do. All these challenges are a way of testing us – more so during our teenage years, as we are just growing up…to be adults.

And no matter how much you tend to curse them, adults have to make most important – not to mention difficult – decisions in their lives. Especially, regards the next generation of citizens.

Anyway, all I wanted to say was that keep a smile on your face, always. Another friend of mine told me that I must keep smiling my every waking hour, no matter what. I try and follow this everyday.

[That is, of course, except days like to-day – but I had been blessed with some cheerful messages!!😇]

Therefore, I shall wind up with this message to all my dear readers:

A smile lights up your very essence; and since your essence is what matters to everyone around you, maintain that smile. Do not let anybody rub it off. If they try to, then show them that you’re a better person than they are!!😎

[And right now, I’ve got to show my stuck-up teacher that she can’t mess with me… Oh no, this particular statement isn’t just about the assignment I spoke of in this post…:roll:]

Thanks for listening to my rant!!



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