On Pride

What is Pride? What does it indicate/mean? Why are we always saying that somebody is proud or that we are proud of somebody because they have done something?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term ‘pride’ corresponds to various meanings:

  1.  “inordinate self-esteem : conceit
  2. “a reasonable or justifiable self-respect”
  3. “delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship β€Ήparental ~β€Ί”

So, pride refers to self-esteem. Having said that, everybody knows that every creature on this planet has some amount of self-esteem.

The difference lies in the degree to which this pride is taken.

I’ve personally met people of various age-groups, who have with pride. Not that I was expecting anything less. In my opinion, even the humblest of people have some amount of pride. But, they are dubbed ‘humble’ because they do not let their pride take control of their minds.

In other words, they do not let power get into their heads.

I think that pride arises out of the power that is kept in people’s hands. For instance, my power is over the characters I write in my stories; they do exactly what I tell them to do. But, that’s the world of fiction. In reality, I have power over people in classes junior to me – I’m their senior, so they tend to listen to me. [Then again, I tend to keep myself away from all alien society, but that’s a different matter.]

The principal of a school has control over the children she has enrolled in her school. The school is literally hers, even if the actual founder is a different person. This is because she is the one who has real power over the students – heck, she’s the one who selects them! Remember how you used to stand up as soon as the principal walked into your class, regardless of whether somebody told you to or not? Or, how you automatically wished her whenever you crossed her path? That’s what I’m talking about. Of course, the fear instilled by the principal plays a major role, but that, again, comes from the pride she holds. And rightly so, I think.

In college, a professor has the power over the pupils she/he teaches. This happens especially when she/he is in their mid-fifties. This kind of an age automatically implies years of wisdom, which instils a kind of fear in students and therefore, the students respect them. This is the power that professors in a college campus hold.

The problem arises when such people take the powers they possess into their heads. This tends to happen oftentimes and complications arise out of it.

I am doing this blogpost out of experience and not some random ranting out of sheer boredom…although, that is also a plausible reason.😋

Anyway, I have been personally victimised for a reason I admit I’m to be held responsible partially. But, it was the professor’s fault, too. I wanted to sign up for this huge project that my course was offering, aside from the regular subjects; I was even chosen to do it.

I was ecstatic – and my parents were proud of me, despite the fact that it was the season of a death that recently occurred in the family. It was a tough time to cope for me, yet I wanted to do my best.

However, this was a project I had never done before and for me, I can’t learn something totally new overnight – which was what my guide was expecting from me. Of course, she had seven other students to deal with the similar kind of project, all newbies like me. But, two things that she had overlooked wounded my pride and conscience deeply.

Firstly, in spite of being in her presence for nearly four semesters, she did not know the first thing about me, including how I looked like and what my name was. That was the worst insult I had ever faced. And secondly, she had no interest in guiding me in my project – this much was clear from how she indirectly refused to help me choose my topic and go about it.

I quit, albeit with a broken heart. Not because she turned out to be an ass, but because I gave up something that I had dreamed of doing my entire teenage life. That dream was shattered with just one e-mail.

Although it didn’t hurt me much then, it kills me now. I realised how the power of being the head of her department in the institute had gone into her head, whether she realised it or not. Ever since, there has been a contemptuous wall between the two of us, but that went both ways. She would purposefully reduce marks in my assignments, while I would pointedly turn away when I come across her in the hallway.

Perhaps I should have been stronger and refused to back down? This thought has been going on in my head, but then again, such a thing is impossible…at least for me. If I did that, I would perhaps not be able to do the project the way I wanted. I would still be a prisoner in my own house.

One day, though, she personally came and asked me about what I would like to do in my future after Graduation. I only responded with disinterest – disinterest in speaking to her, not in my future.

However, this incident made me see the actual difference between this professor and her junior, who also taught the same subject. The latter is actually much nicer and more understanding, compared to the former. The age difference might be a factor…

Of course, I had my own fears about this kind of situation coming up, but that’s no matter. The point is this:

Pride has two wings–one that can make a person and another that can break a person.

With this, I conclude my undoubtedly long and boring speech. Let me know if this is the case…not that I’ll promise to do something about it!😋

Have a cheerful day ahead!!😎


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