Song of the Star

This Darkness inside of me Eats me up no end Drives me insane Till I’ve nothing left within. Then one day, Along came a Light, Lighting up my life Shooing the Darkness Merely by appearing in my sight. He is the one Who carries the Light That extinguishes the fire Of my Darkness – He... Continue Reading →



A man of yore Heart-capturing, Heart-warming, Odd as it may seem - But, love has no bounds.

Capturing the Darkness

Seven years hence Along comes a man Travelled and experienced, Saves a life precious to the Darkness, Shalt be the decider of fates, Feared even by the immortals, He has the light to capture Darkness.

From a Student to a Teacher

It's amazing how you forget The things you utter in a hall full students, And you claim exactly the opposite upon confrontation - But, you remember the injury that was done upon your ego Even centuries after it's even healed.

Blogger Recognition Award

I whole-heartedly thank both Pawan ( and Varun (, who have nominated me for this honourable award at various points of time. I just forgot about it with all the craziness that is my life...which was also contributed by me to some extent...!! The rules for this award: Give thanks to the person who had nominated you... Continue Reading →

Tall Tales… 12

To-day's "Tall Tale..." is a clipping from "The Mentalist" that I found on Pinterest: This was actually one of those times when former CBI Agent Teresa Lisbon and former CBI Consultant Patrick Jane interrogate suspects. While Lisbon tries to be the strict police officer she was trained to be, Jane is as casual as casual... Continue Reading →

Exams Round the Corner

When I'm happy and enjoying my life, You must come around and spoil it all! When I'm least expecting you, You show up and spoil all the fun! When I think that I'm finally through with you, Out you pop from the corner you're hiding in and scare me to death! When I think that... Continue Reading →

The Smiling Buddha

A very entertaining read…!! 😀

O Shaggy Re

One fine day my tooth cells died

And my buck tooth turned black

Looked in the mirror and hard I cried

Oh it looked so gross and wack

Didn’t laugh even at the funniest joke

Just Smiled at everyone and never laughed again

And Smiling Buddha was my new name

I went to a party and opened my mouth

And everyone there shouted aloud

Like they have seen bloody Mary

But my laughter was indeed scary

Then they laughed so hard, I cried

You still look beautiful they lied

Smiled at everyone and never laughed again

And Smiling Buddha was my new name

Depressed, hideous, hiding my face

I met a man who’d got a scarred face

I asked

World is watching aren’t you scared

He simply said, son remember the word

World is a hoe. Fuck the world!!

I’ve still got a black tooth but I do laugh


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By My Side…

Without you by my side, I cannot think straight. Without you by my side, I cannot see the way in my will. Without you by my side, I cannot be well satisfied. Without you by my side, I cannot walk a clear path. Without you by my side, I cannot think of a future. Heck,... Continue Reading →


I build fantasies in my mind - Fantasies of you and I together - In my mind, you came back to me And asked me if I'd go out with you As expected, I agreed without hesitation... In my mind. I build fantasies in my eyes - Fantasies of you and I together - In... Continue Reading →

Tall Tales… 11

Konichiwa!! To-day's "Tall Tale..." is going to be about logic and logical statements. Logic is a sequential arrangement of facts. At least, this is what I believe, from what I have known and been told. I am not going to Britannica to see what it actually means, because...well... I don't have any obligations, as this... Continue Reading →

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