Song of the Star

This Darkness inside of me Eats me up no end Drives me insane Till I’ve nothing left within. Then one day, Along came a Light, Lighting up my life Shooing the Darkness Merely by appearing in my sight. He is the one Who carries the Light That extinguishes the fire Of my Darkness – He …

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Blogger Recognition Award

I whole-heartedly thank both Pawan ( and Varun (, who have nominated me for this honourable award at various points of time. I just forgot about it with all the craziness that is my life...which was also contributed by me to some extent...!! The rules for this award: Give thanks to the person who had nominated you …

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The Smiling Buddha

A very entertaining read…!! 😀

O Shaggy Re

One fine day my tooth cells died

And my buck tooth turned black

Looked in the mirror and hard I cried

Oh it looked so gross and wack

Didn’t laugh even at the funniest joke

Just Smiled at everyone and never laughed again

And Smiling Buddha was my new name

I went to a party and opened my mouth

And everyone there shouted aloud

Like they have seen bloody Mary

But my laughter was indeed scary

Then they laughed so hard, I cried

You still look beautiful they lied

Smiled at everyone and never laughed again

And Smiling Buddha was my new name

Depressed, hideous, hiding my face

I met a man who’d got a scarred face

I asked

World is watching aren’t you scared

He simply said, son remember the word

World is a hoe. Fuck the world!!

I’ve still got a black tooth but I do laugh


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