Tall Tales… 11


To-day’s “Tall Tale…” is going to be about logic and logical statements. Logic is a sequential arrangement of facts. At least, this is what I believe, from what I have known and been told. I am not going to Britannica to see what it actually means, because…well… I don’t have any obligations, as this is not a full-fledged article…!!

Anyhow, my History professor was discussing about logic the other day. In order for us to understand better, she wrote this on the board:

Those who drink, sleep.

Those who sleep commit no sin.

Those who commit no sin are holy.

So, according to these three statements, those who drink are holy.

[This she had quoted from somewhere.]

After a few classes of such lessons, my friends and I simply could not agree with the inference that was drawn from this equation…seemed so irrationally logical; we were unable to beat this logic.

Can you?

So, we began creating our own such statements. Here’s what I wrote:

I have locked the bathroom.

The bathroom is in my room.

Hence, I have locked my room.


I have locked the bathroom.

The bathroom is in my room.

My room is in my house.

Hence, I have locked my house.

Makes about as much sense as my teacher’s, right?

Can you beat any of these two logical statements? Because, I’m out of here…



13 thoughts on “Tall Tales… 11

    1. Yes, you may be right. But, we were told that they were logical statements, so I’m just reproducing them here in the same way. I don’t mean to say that I agree with what our professor said. 😀

      Thanks for your opinion, though!! I really appreciate it!! 🙂

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      1. Oh… Is that Japanese? I thought it was, but, I admit that I can understand very little of the language… And I know these two greetings best…😅😁

        And yes, it’s weird.😂😂

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