Of Virtues and Sins

“Again, how long are we supposed to wait?” Caitlin asked Penelope, as all ten friends sat at the reception of the office of the Carmel Criminal Investigation Department that evening. Penelope gave her a humoured smile and shrugged. “Till Detective Osborne arrives – is what we were told, anyway.” “Well, when will he arrive?!” Penelope …

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Melodious Music of the Month – 1

Ciao, my lovely readers! Yep, I've started yet another new series!! The thing is, I am head over heels in love with music - I love just about any genre, except if the music has too much screaming. That, in my opinion, is just noise. Anyway, the first song - the first Melodious Music of the …

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The Summer of 2020

One beautiful hot Summer’s day in the year 2020, Penelope Walker stood on the sidewalk, wondering what she was doing there. “Why the heck did I come out into the open?” she muttered to herself in slight irritation. Indeed, her feelings were justified, for she had been having a peaceful time reading a gripping novel, …

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