Of Virtues and Sins

“Again, how long are we supposed to wait?” Caitlin asked Penelope, as all ten friends sat at the reception of the office of the Carmel Criminal Investigation Department that evening. Penelope gave her a humoured smile and shrugged. “Till Detective Osborne arrives – is what we were told, anyway.” “Well, when will he arrive?!” Penelope... Continue Reading →



He was in love, he knew He knew from the point he saw her, Staring at the beautiful sky above her, Her face shining serene In the moonlit night. From the point he spotted her, He knew it was her or none; He knew when he saw her, That she was the best thing That'd... Continue Reading →

All Along

I saw you several times in my life And yet, I fell for you just now, I don't know why I had to wait this long To realise it was you all along. I thought I didn't like you, And even pushed you away, And yet, you came back to my side, Even when I... Continue Reading →

We the Jury

Konichiwa!! To-day's article is going to be on judging. Precisely, people judging people. As human beings, we have certain qualities that are rather common in all of us. I mean, there's all this talk about how each human being is different from the other - which I totally believe in. I'm just saying that as... Continue Reading →

The Summer of 2020

One beautiful hot Summer’s day in the year 2020, Penelope Walker stood on the sidewalk, wondering what she was doing there. “Why the heck did I come out into the open?” she muttered to herself in slight irritation. Indeed, her feelings were justified, for she had been having a peaceful time reading a gripping novel,... Continue Reading →

Just a little side note…

Ciao!! For various reasons, I have decided not to accept any sorts of awards or challenges. I have put this up as a separate post (I will also make a page later), because I really hate to turn down nominations... Not because I feel I deserve them (oh please!!), but because I feel like I'm... Continue Reading →

Light of the Star

When I opened my eyes, It was her that I saw— Her beauty ever the same, Eyes shining black like velvet, A beautiful smile lighting up her face. *** I could stare at her frame forever, She makes me forget all my fears – Her mere face is a reminder Of all the good things... Continue Reading →

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