The Summer of 2020

One beautiful hot Summer’s day in the year 2020, Penelope Walker stood on the sidewalk, wondering what she was doing there.

“Why the heck did I come out into the open?” she muttered to herself in slight irritation. Indeed, her feelings were justified, for she had been having a peaceful time reading a gripping novel, the bed covers soft underneath her and a blanket covering her legs.

Yes, it was quite warm and cosy.


But, all that shattered like glass the instant somebody decided to enter her room.

Who it was she had no clue, but she had been most rightly startled – she had nearly jumped through the roof when she had simply set the novel down to stretch her limbs. And that was when she had noticed a strange-looking girl staring at her from the foot of her bed.

Penelope had very nearly screamed – she had sense enough to close her mouth with both her hands before she had completely lost it.

She had then forcefully calmed herself, took deep but ragged breaths, and cleared her throat as much as could with all the shaking that she was doing.

She had gathered up enough courage to ask, “Who are you?” in a voice that was meant to say, ‘I’m not scared of you’, but in fact said, ‘Can you leave? You’re creeping me out!’.

The strange-looking girl had not said anything; rather, she had simply stared at Penelope.

Okay, Penelope had thought. This is getting way too freaky… Let’s try something else…

“Where are you from? Have you lost your way?” she had asked and instantly regretted it. Way to go, Penny, she had thought and mentally face-palmed. Why would anybody get into somebody’s house like this if they had lost their way? There’s the doorbell sitting outside for a reason!

However, the girl at the foot of her bed had still not replied and neither had she removed her gaze.

Penelope had tried to come up with something better to say, but her mind had turned up blank. So instead, she had taken that opportunity to study the girl.

Tit-for-tat, Penelope had thought and started her very own staring match.

It was when she had totally taken in the frame and figure of the girl did she realise that the girl was not actually strange. She had been wearing a brown torn gown with a white bonnet at the back of her head – both of which had made her look as if she came right out of a medieval-era fairy tale.

Penelope had frowned. How astonishing that a dress should make all the difference in the world, she thought. I wonder…no…she’s not a Ghost, is she?

The girl, who was still staring at her, had not look like one. From Penelope’s experience, Ghosts were more transparent. And, although she had seemed to have materialised out of thin air [since all possible openings were locked tight, Miss Walker had seen to that], just like a Ghost, she had seemed too solid to be like one.

Then, who is she??

Just at the moment, the girl had turned around and fled out of the room with astonishing speed! Penelope had just recovered herself in time to go out onto the corridor and see her racing across the room and towards the front door.

“Hey, wait!” Penelope had yelled, as she had run after her.

However, when she had reached the street outside the front gate, there was nobody in sight. As a matter of fact, the entire street was deserted!

And that was how Penelope had lost out on a warm cosy afternoon…

“All because of that – that…thing – whatever it was,” she told herself aloud.

She turned and retraced her steps back into the house and her room.

However, the mood of the atmosphere had changed, the book forgotten, and she found herself wondering who the girl was…

Finally, tired of wondering, Penelope realised that her eyelids were getting heavier by the minute. She closed them for a bit.


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