Melodious Music of the Month – 1

Ciao, my lovely readers!

Yep, I’ve started yet another new series!!

The thing is, I am head over heels in love with music – I love just about any genre, except if the music has too much screaming. That, in my opinion, is just noise.

Anyway, the first song – the first Melodious Music of the Week – is “Drive By” by a band called ‘Train’. They are an American rock band from San Francesco.

So, the reason I created this new series is because, last night, for the sake of one of my stories, I decided to listen to this music (so that I can experience the feelings that my character was going through – both the story and the song are connected, you see) and now, after repeating it for about four times, it’s stuck in my head – as well as in my ears!

Anyway, if you’re interested, here’s a YouTube link to the official video by Train:

The song is one of my many favourites! I once heard it over the radio and it’s among the masterpieces of the music industry, at least according to me!

Thanks for reading this post!



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