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To-day’s article is going to be on judging. Precisely, people judging people.

As human beings, we have certain qualities that are rather common in all of us. I mean, there’s all this talk about how each human being is different from the other – which I totally believe in. I’m just saying that as we all belong to the same species of the Kingdom Animalia, we all have some traits in us that are universally common.

There are numerous such things, and one of them is the art of people judging people.

We all talk about how first impressions are the longest-standing impressions. We all gossip about the boy or the girl sitting at the table next to us doing something we find weird – or we brand somebody a ‘nerd’ just because she or he loves to read and gain more knowledge.

All these “impressions” and “nerdy people” that we talk about are judging phrases. It means that we are judging people based on some of the criteria that we have in mind.

And let me tell you, it is perfectly all right to judge people…just so long as the person you’re judging doesn’t happen to be overhearing you. Once that happens, trouble brews up.

However, it is not really our right to judge people. It is a privilege, not a right nor even a duty. I mean, we quite literally judge people because we have no other work to do. Therefore, it must not be misused. Because, the very people who had given us extremely good first impressions may very well turn out to be the exact opposite. Whereas, those people who give us negative impressions on the first meeting may actually turn out to be nicer than thought to be.

The latter had what happened to me once. And I am glad it happened, because that incident had totally changed my perspective on life.

I shan’t bore you with my narration, but I’ll tell you this:

There is always a reason as to why things happen in this universe. And that includes “weird people”.

That girl whom you called a “nerd” just because she’s always burying her nose in a book might find it her only solace from bullies and judgemental eyes. For all you know, she hardly cares about what you think of her!

There is a reason for everything to happen in this universe… We may not know what it is, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t one.

Anyway, I think I went too far off what I was trying to say. My point is that, there is a reason for everything that is done, and this even applies to all that’s non-human. Even animals have reasons to for what they do: for instance, lions hunt deers to survive – it’s the only way for them to do so; one cannot prevent it under the name of animal rights activism.

Now that I’ve established that everything moves because of a reason, let me say this: that our reasons for doing something may be only temporary. That is, a few hours after an event, we may ponder over the same and think that the decision we had made then could have been improvised to suit the situation better. Or, a witness to our antics may not approve of the decision we make. It’s all a matter of what suits a situation at that particular point of time. Therefore, we can’t simply go about judging people and criticising them for what they do. After all, we are all human beings and we make mistakes. I have personally been a victim as well as an aggressor to judgments and so, I think that whatever I’ve said so far and going to say in the future (in this blogpost) is from my present view of the world.

I can give a more tangible example, something that I’d come across recently, as I was walking home from the bus stop. There was a man trying to cross the road on the main road. An auto driver was backing his auto and, from what I saw, he was rather slow. Both were situated right in front of me, on the same main road; the auto as coming from the man’s left side, since he was facing the road. [So, the auto was perpendicular to the man, so to speak.] The auto happened to hit this man, who then got so angry and began fighting with the driver, who also got angry.

Now, this pedestrian seemed to be in his middle years and quite well-educated. He had a professional-looking bag slung around his shoulder. But, once he saw that it was an auto driver, he at once began (apparently, since I didn’t hang around to listen to the conversation) to insult the poor man for no fault of his.

Now, at this point, you may say that our educated man had every right to get angry. I’ll tell you why not.

There is a subway to cross the main road and go to the other side, just about less than a kilometre from the point where the man wanted to cross the road. He could have just troubled himself a little bit – expend a little of his energy to do that. It is so dangerous to cross that road, especially since drivers don’t stick to the one-way rule.

One more thing is that, the kind of profession that a person does not indicate the kind of education he had had. For all I know, that auto driver was fully qualified and wanted to do something else of his choice, but was forced into driving auto rickshaws for his living.

Then again, the least educated person does turn out to be wiser!

What I’m trying to say is that, we tend to judge people without knowing their true backgrounds. Now, that is what is to be avoided. The world would be a better place without this unnecessary habit.

Again, I’m not saying I am an exception to this habit; I am one of the people who judges recklessly. But, ever since I realised how really mean it is, I began to restrict myself, whenever I am conscious enough to do so.

Therefore, one cannot judge another based on anything. Everybody has reasons for what they do. If we don’t know what those reasons are, we just shut up – we should!

Kindly note that I do not mean to insult or embarrass anybody by the words that I have used here. It’s just that I have personally experienced such unnecessary judgement and I feel rather strongly about it.

Sayonara! See you in my next blogpost!

And thanks a lot for reading!!







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