Anne’s “As You Like It”… #14

Penelope Walker in "Genesis". I think that this is true...from my experience, anyway. I'd love to know what you think!;)


Spreading Misery is not Really a Virtue, You Know!

Ciao! I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of months now, but didn't really get down to it. No, this time, it wasn't my laziness, but it was more like a question of necessity. And to-day, I've finally decided that I really must get this off my chest before it eats me up alive.... Continue Reading →

I Have Faith

I have faith That one day you'll come back to me That one day you'll accept me again That one day we'll be together. I have faith That one day we'll comfort each other That one day we'll form a strong bond That one day we'll share a kiss. I have faith That one day... Continue Reading →


Dreams... Sweet and innocent imageries That little girls and boys keep - Cherished as diamonds - Treasures of the rarest kind. Dreams... Lively and memorable imageries That keep our hopes alive - As do our lives - Wealth of the uncommon kind. Dreams... They say we must have them As something for us to aim -... Continue Reading →

Cancer Meets Taurus: New Environment

The four friends entered the territory of their new college, hand-in-hand. “This campus is so huge!” gasped Ariel, gazing around delightedly as she twirled on her heels. “This campus is so huge,” grumbled Alexia with a sigh. “This campus is fantabulous!” both Janet and Max cried in unison. “Oh well,” Alexia whispered to herself. “I guess... Continue Reading →

Melodious Music of the Month – 2

Konichiwa!! To me, music is the same, no matter in which language or genre it is worded. A language is just a form of communication, which has different types in it, such as Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Chinese, from which majority of the languages that are spoken in the present day are derived. I had always loved watching... Continue Reading →


Every time I think of you A heavy guilt descends on my head, One that grows and enlarges, Till I can't take it anymore. I start to crave for you - "Where are you?!" I cry in my mind, But, I know I won't get a reply, 'Cause it's my fault we're apart now. I... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found

Their acquaintanceship went back a long way in history, but never did Annalise think that she would fall for anyone the likes of him. Gale had always been in her life, for as long as she could remember. He was there to ward off the “evil entities”, as she called them – aka bullies –... Continue Reading →

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