Anne’s “As You Like It”… #14

Penelope Walker in "Genesis". I think that this is true...from my experience, anyway. I'd love to know what you think!;)


Spreading Misery is not Really a Virtue, You Know!

Ciao! I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of months now, but didn't really get down to it. No, this time, it wasn't my laziness, but it was more like a question of necessity. And to-day, I've finally decided that I really must get this off my chest before it eats me up alive. …

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Cancer Meets Taurus: New Environment

The four friends entered the territory of their new college, hand-in-hand. “This campus is so huge!” gasped Ariel, gazing around delightedly as she twirled on her heels. “This campus is so huge,” grumbled Alexia with a sigh. “This campus is fantabulous!” both Janet and Max cried in unison. “Oh well,” Alexia whispered to herself. “I guess …

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Melodious Music of the Month – 2

Konichiwa!! To me, music is the same, no matter in which language or genre it is worded. A language is just a form of communication, which has different types in it, such as Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Chinese, from which majority of the languages that are spoken in the present day are derived. I had always loved watching …

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