Melodious Music of the Month – 2


To me, music is the same, no matter in which language or genre it is worded. A language is just a form of communication, which has different types in it, such as Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Chinese, from which majority of the languages that are spoken in the present day are derived.

I had always loved watching Japanese anime shows, mostly in English, but those anime that are slow or are romance genre, I have taken to watching them in Japanese, instead of in English. And, it’s actually a good experience. 🙂

Then, later, I also ventured into Mexican music – when I FINALLY finished the entire series of “The Mentalist”… and the feeling was euphoric…!!

Anyhow, this month’s music YouTube link will be “Kimi no Mirai” by Root Five, a Japanese band. You may press on the link  below to check them out in the Wiki pages:

And here’s the song:

The song was featured in the anime show “Fairy Tail” [yep, some of you would know that it is on of my favourites, if you have been following the themes of my blog! :D]

Let me know if you liked!

Sayonara! B)


4 thoughts on “Melodious Music of the Month – 2

  1. Wow!!! You are one music enthusiast aren’t you!!!
    As we say in Mumbai, What a girl, dude!!
    Even I like music, without words haven’t tried Japanese though……
    Will check it right away!!

    Liked by 1 person


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