It’s Celebration Time!!


This is a time of mixed emotions for me. A time of academic adversity, yet a time of celebration of going one step further in y confidence level.

I had at last managed to press the “Publish” button – thus, sealing the fate of my newest story – one of the new, anyway! – called, “Cancer Meets Taurus”:


I had published an extract of it in this blog on Sunday, 05 March 2017 and two fellow bloggers took the time out to comment. They really liked it and that made me even more nervous to release it for the world to see! I was nervous, not because it got any reviews at all, but because I felt that there were a lot of abrupt endings and beginnings and a lot of character and/or plot inconsistencies.

Anyway, I finally decided to publish it – thanks to a lot of goading I was receiving from my friends…it’s all thanks to them!

So, here’s the description:

When a Cancer girl meets a Taurus boy, life for the two becomes a whole lot different for them both…

Alexia Hudson is a simple plain girl, but rather attractive to the opposite gender. She is blissfully ignorant of this. She has friends she deeply cares for and can defend them with her life, if need be.

Gregory Arnold is a simple looking boy with a tendency to be frustrated all the time, for no apparent reason. Every girl around him wishes to be his wife in the near future. He, too, is blissfully ignorant of this.

Now, Alexia and Gregory meet in the same college they happen to attend and immediately sparks begin to fly… For the good or for the bad?

Well, if you’re interested to know what happens, you can always press on the link below:

That’s all for to-day! Have a great day – or evening!





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