Spreading Misery is not Really a Virtue, You Know!


I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of months now, but didn’t really get down to it. No, this time, it wasn’t my laziness, but it was more like a question of necessity. And to-day, I’ve finally decided that I really must get this off my chest before it eats me up alive.

Okay, the incident wasn’t all that serious, but yea, it does irk me to think that such people even exist. I am talking about those people who just live to make other’s lives miserable, simply because they are so.

I say, “So what?! If your life happens to be in a sorry state, you don’t have to make mine the same!!”

No, I didn’t actually say those words, but would love to have done so, if I had been brave and reckless enough. It annoys me so bad, sometimes I feel like I should hunt that kid down and just destroy them, but I know that’s not a good thing to think, especially since I consider myself a (cultured – LOL) human being.

There are some things in the world that you need to do, you want to do, you need not do, you don’t want to do. One must know when to do what. There is a time and place for everything!

If your life is so miserable and all you can think are only sad and irking things, then why do you want to even connect with people!? Why don’t you go away to a forest and isolate yourself?! Or much better: pack and go to Antarctica! There, nobody would disturb you, and you can just sit on an ice-cap and brood in peace all day long, with only penguins and polar bears to keep you company!

Spreading misery is not really a virtue, you know!

There, my heart has settled a little and I can sleep peacefully now! 😀

Thanks for listening to me with a patient ear. The thing is, once I get angry, I just have to let off the steam before I move any further. So, really, thank you for listening – I truly appreciate it!!



4 thoughts on “Spreading Misery is not Really a Virtue, You Know!

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  1. I guess it originates from a warped mentality. When the feelings of self doubt, insecurity and loneliness combine they’ll make the person either near-saintly or devilish. Should they be the latter they will naturally strive to harm those who ‘rejected’ them…having given up on themselves already.

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