A New Life: A Whole New Beginning

Warning: This piece of writing may contain some words or phrases that may seem derogatory to some people, but rest assured that I, the author of it, do not intend anything of that sort. Eileen James would rather have died than attend school the Monday after she had settled into her new home, had she …

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Types of People

There are two types of people on this planet (cliché, but true)--those 'who matter' and those 'who don't really matter'. When we are conversing with people, we have to take care of these two types. With the former, we are allowed to feel like we should make ourselves understood clearly before they judge us. With the latter though, …

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Melodious Music of the Month – 3

Ciao! It's time for the announcing the Melodious Music of the Month! The greeting in the beginning - not to mention, the current theme of the blog! - was apt, too, for what I am about to present to you every girl's favourite (I hope!) television show, "Winx Club"!! The song is called "Living the …

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