Melodious Music of the Month – 3


It’s time for the announcing the Melodious Music of the Month!

The greeting in the beginning – not to mention, the current theme of the blog! – was apt, too, for what I am about to present to you every girl’s favourite (I hope!) television show, “Winx Club“!! The song is called “Living the Magic”, performed by Alessia Orlando (lead), Elisa Aramonte and Elena Borroni (chorus) – in English, of course! To be honest, I haven’t yet listened to the Italian version, which, from all the Italian songs I’d listened to in the movie “Letters to Juliet“, I’m sure I going to just as good!

“Living the Magic” was featured in Season 6 of “Winx Club” and one of the best songs… according to me! So, here’s the YouTube link:

There is a lot of meaning in this song, even outside of the show. It talks about the specialness and the uniqueness about each individual, irrespective of gender, and how we must celebrate it instead of cursing it.

Are any of you readers a fan of “Winx Club” just like me?? If you are, kindly let me know!!




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