Types of People

There are two types of people on this planet (cliché, but true)–those ‘who matter’ and those ‘who don’t really matter’. When we are conversing with people, we have to take care of these two types. With the former, we are allowed to feel like we should make ourselves understood clearly before they judge us. With the latter though, we must have a stop sign somewhere along the line, to tell us where to end the conversation, regardless of whether they understand us or misunderstand us.

The people ‘who matter’ are the ones we must be learning from, be inspired from, and working to be in (their) good books. The people ‘who don’t really matter’, from them, we learn some things, filter out the negativity – however minute it is – and take the positive feedback, and work on bettering yourself.

We have to choose carefully who fits in which category, before things start going out of hand.

Trust me, doing this will give you a peace of mind and more cheeriness in your life! 😉 Good day!



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