A New Life: A Whole New Beginning

Warning: This piece of writing may contain some words or phrases that may seem derogatory to some people, but rest assured that I, the author of it, do not intend anything of that sort.

Eileen James would rather have died than attend school the Monday after she had settled into her new home, had she known that her new school was the same one that Alison “Alien” Matthews attended.

Eileen looked all around her, taking in the huge, gorgeous campus and the beautiful scenery. She was standing at the front gates, where her father had left her, on his way to his new office branch. She looked all around her in awe, as she drank in every detail that her eye could possibly perceive. Many students walked past her towards the building: some of them were taller than her, some of them seemed to be her age, some boys, and some girls.

When she circled her gaze back to the building in front her, she spotted a face she thought she had left only the week before…

“Alien” Matthews was racing up to her!

Eileen wished she could just sink into the ground, just to avoid being bombarded into by that strange girl.

“HI, EILEEN!” Alison cried, as she caught her arm. “Come, let me show you to our homeroom!”

Eileen looked around nervously. She did not want to go with “Alien” Matthews, but she figured that she did not know anybody else here. She figured she should just bear with it.

So, she nodded her head.

“Alien” Matthews took her through the millions of students walking about, zigzagging her way to the school staircase, till Eileen felt like she would throw up then and there, which could be really embarrassing for her, especially since there were simply too many people milling around. Thankfully, “Alien” Matthews stopped.

“Most of the Ninth Year classes are on the first floor,” she told her. “So, you mustn’t have any problem! Just follow your classmates!”

Eileen nodded her head once again. And “Alien” Matthews raced up the stairs, a firm grip on Eileen’s arm. So, Eileen was forced to follow her – and, not to mention, keep up the pace!

“Alien” stopped at Room 123. “This is our homeroom,” she told Eileen. She pointed to a noticeboard outside the classroom. “This one has a list of classes for the students of the Ninth Year class. Let’s see…” She scrolled her hand down the list, as Eileen turned to look about her rather nervously.

Eileen could see people walking towards the noticeboard, before they stopped again, seemingly after noticing “Alien” Matthews’s brown little head and her own red one. It looked like they were “the untouchables” in this school. She sighed.

“There!” exclaimed “Alien” Matthews, turning Eileen’s attention back to her. “I see you have opted for Computer Science, Mathematics Level I, Biology, History, and Civics. Great combination – you must a clever one! Now, your first hour is Mathematics, which is on this same floor, Room 100. Come along, now, I’ll take you!”

Without waiting for a response from Eileen, “Alien” Matthews yanked on her arm once more and headed towards the right wing of the corridor. They passed by people, who, at first seemed to stare at them, then ignore them all together. Eileen was starting to get a little more nervous, but she did not have time to dwell on her thoughts.

For, “Alien” Matthews stopped at last, at another classroom. “Here we are!” she said. “This one is where you come after you give in your attendance in homeroom now.”

Now?!’ Eileen wanted to ask, but “Alien” took her hand and raced them back to Room 123.

She peered into the room. “Oops, I see we are a little late,” she whispered, before standing in the doorway.

Eileen stood beside her quietly, taking in the surrounding. There were about thirty students in the room, which was lively with sheets of paintings and other stuff hanging all around. A teacher, pleasant-looking and with a sweet smile, was seated at her desk.

The teacher looked up. “Oh, it’s you, Miss Matthews! I see you have the new student with you. Please, come in!”

Eileen was surprised beyond response. “Alien” had to drag her inside and sit her at a desk.

   As for Eileen, she was back in her old school in Charlesburg, where almost all schools had a rule that students who arrive to the classroom later than the teacher will not be allowed to attend that class.

Here though, the rule did not seem to apply!


The attendance done with, Eileen headed out of the door like everybody else.

“Alien” followed her, chatting non-stop. “You have Math Level I, right? I have English Literature I. I say, you must be very intelligent to have taken Math after junior school, for I cannot cope with it any longer…” And on and on she went, till she paused and said, “Well, I go off here” when they were a few doors before reaching Room 100. “Just meet me at the homeroom noticeboard after this hour and I shall guide you to the next one, okay?”

Eileen had to admit that she was a little grateful to Alison Matthews for all her help. So, she nodded her head – a slight smile playing on her lips – before continuing towards her first hour class.

So, how was this extract? It is a piece from my latest story, “A New Life”, which can be found here:

See ya!


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