My Dream

Everybody has a dream in life; Do you know what mine is? It's to stay in your heart forever.  


Your Smile

Do you know why I love you? I've been asking this question to myself For a long time, And I think I have the answer now— You're always smiling. It doesn't matter that the world is against you, Or the people you care about are indifferent to you, Or things aren't going according to your... Continue Reading →

Blog Review

It's been more than a year - precisely, one year and six months - since I had started this blog. Since then, it has taken several turns and has finally evolved into something very beautiful... something that I had never ever expected. I mean, on Sunday, 31 January 2016, I was in two minds, after... Continue Reading →

Melodious Music of the Month – 4

Hello all!! I know I haven't posted this one for two months. In my defence, I did not have a stable internet connection required to open a link to post a video. Anyway, Demi Lovato fans already know that her new song had come out some time ago (or, do I have outdated information??), called... Continue Reading →

Anne’s “As You Like It”… #18

Konichiwa!! This is just my thought that I am putting down here. It is a very simple sentence, but I don't think many of us consider actually doing it. In fact, not doing this is the main reason behind so many misunderstandings that we see these days. Anyways, here is my thought: We all need... Continue Reading →

Tall Tales… 14

Howdy!!✋ Tonight, I found this really funny picture on Pinterest, for fans of vampires and "Vampire Academy"! No wonder Rose always said Dimitri was a god! That killed me so bad...!😂 That's all for now! See you in my next post!!😉

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