The Young Foreigner – Prologue: A Journey Begins…

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The Mysterious Writer

I pick up my special belt

And wind it around my trouser

Ah – now I’m ready to take off!


Ever since the good old man passed away,

I have been lonely,

I had been looking out the window

And gazing at the young lads and ladies

Come back home,

Having sought great fame and fortune.


I’ve always looked up to them;

They’ve treated me as one of them.

Now, as a young man myself,

I decided to go on a journey of my own.

I gaze Heavenward

And wonder what they are all thinking of me

At the moment.


I close my door and turn around,

The entire village is gathered around the house,

The ladies with tears in their eyes,

And the lads with pride showing on their faces.

As for the older population,

They couldn’t have been more happier

To send yet another child…

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