At some point in their life Every human being has to choose: The Darkness or the Light - I chose the Darkness. I swam in it For a long, long time; Nobody could convince me That it was the wrong way out. 'Twas the time When I thought that all hope was lost That... Continue Reading →


Melodious Music of the Month – 6

Hello and welcome back to The Mysterious Beyond! It's time for the Melodious Music of the Month. This time, we have a song by Keane, called "Everybody's Changing". This actually holds a great significance for me at this point of time. Have you ever had a time when you feel like everything and everybody around... Continue Reading →


She realised she was running away when the terrible screams in her ear suddenly stopped. She paused in her tracks, her heart racing. She turned around and saw that the highest tower in the country was now just a speck in the distance. Not much of a surprise, since speed had always been her thing.... Continue Reading →

Back to Blogging!!

Konichiwa!! It's been an awfully long time since I last posted anything... indeed, since I last opened this blog! Crazy things have been happening in my life and I was trying to adjust to them all way too soon than was perhaps required - still am, as a matter of fact. So, I have nothing... Continue Reading →

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