She realised she was running away when the terrible screams in her ear suddenly stopped.

She paused in her tracks, her heart racing. She turned around and saw that the highest tower in the country was now just a speck in the distance.

Not much of a surprise, since speed had always been her thing.

But, the fact that she abandoned her sister when she needed her the most disgusted her. She kept telling herself that she ran away because she wanted some time alone to think of what to do next.

Julia Rust was the youngest in her family of magicians, but rather unstable. All her life, she had been lectured by her parents on the “accidents” that she caused.

And that darned wand. Why can’t people use their hands for spells instead? Apparently because that, too, is unpredictable.

Her sister, Olivia, was the only person who had patience with her and loved her like she mattered.

And now, she had been kidnapped by Lucifer, the greatest Dark Wizard on the planet. In fact, he was the sole reason Julia was cursing herself now:

“Either give up a relic or watch your sister die.”

This “relic” was what the Rust family had always called “Lilka”—a rare violet diamond and very beautiful.

Despite its virtues, it had always been a source of despair in most of the families that it belonged to. Julia’s family had been quite happy that twenty years of their possessing it had not affected them at all. Even Julia was getting lesser apprehensive about believing it…

But now, Julia was disillusioned by its true colours: sacrifice an ancient family relic or forget about her sister.

It was obvious that the latter was out of the question. The former, though, was still not an easy task.

The Lilka had another condition for being owned: It must never be given away without a reason. And this reason cannot be a selfish one.

One way to think about it—Julia was being selfish by wanting to give away the cursed stone in order to save her beloved sister. Another way—she was saving the life of another person by giving the stone away.

Lucifer had given her exactly an hour to make up her mind. When she left, the giant hour glass was already about fifteen minutes into the hour.

A thought about keeping them both came to mind, but she soon dismissed it.

A few more minutes passed by.

Suddenly, Julia sat up with a scowl on her face.

“What am I thinking?!” she scolded herself. “Give up my sister? No way in Hell! She’s coming back with me and we’re going to save our parents together! I don’t care what happens to me, as long as I have Olivia watching my back! The Lilka is going, no matter what!”

She stood up from the pavement she was sitting on, a determined expression on her face. Yes, she would give away the cursed stone, even if it meant selling her soul to the Devil…

This is a flash fiction I wrote for a contest. Still awaiting the results, but I was so excited about this new idea!


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