Loverboy [Version II]

He was in love, he knew He knew from the point he saw her, Staring at the beautiful sky above her, Her face shining serene In the moonlit night. From the point he spotted her, He knew it was her or none; He knew when he saw her, That she was the best thing That'd... Continue Reading →


The Happiness Quotient 💙

Hello world! So, I decided to start another new theme in The Mysterious Beyond. I have named it "The Happiness Quotient". When I was my weakest, a good friend of mine once told me to recall all those times that I felt proud of myself or at the top of the world. At the time, I thought there... Continue Reading →

A Little Something

Have you ever felt like there more happiness in this world than gloom? Have you ever felt that life is more beautiful than you had thought before? Have you ever thought that there can be light in the darkness that is your life? And all because one encounter that lasted less than two hours? All... Continue Reading →

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