The Happiness Quotient 💙

Hello world!

So, I decided to start another new theme in The Mysterious Beyond. I have named it “The Happiness Quotient”. When I was my weakest, a good friend of mine once told me to recall all those times that I felt proud of myself or at the top of the world. At the time, I thought there weren’t any such things in my life, but, slowly, I am able to remember them. My friend told me to make a list of them all, so I can look it up when I am depressed. Therefore, to matters easier for me, I shall be making yet another folder and putting all the articles on “The Happiness Quotient” into it.

This reminds me: Back in the days when I used to do Economics as a major subject, we learnt that some economies (Economics term for a nation) use this Happiness Quotient as part of measuring their success.

So, anyway, that is all for the introduction.



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