Loverboy [Version II]

He was in love, he knew
He knew from the point he saw her,
Staring at the beautiful sky above her,
Her face shining serene
In the moonlit night.

From the point he spotted her,
He knew it was her or none;
He knew when he saw her,
That she was the best thing
That’d ever happen to him.

She looked lovely,
With the flowing blue gown
That adorned her being.

He wanted to talk to her,
Get to know her better than he did last,
But he didn’t have the strength.
He kept staring at her dark form,
Drinking in her sight,
As though
He wanted to remember it for eternity.

“Go on ahead”,
Prodded his heart,
“You know she’s the soul of your dreams,
The diamond of your heart,
And the voice of your essence.
Go on ahead
And fulfil your wish.
All she’s do is turn you down.
But, you’re not worth turning down,”
Added that vile inner voice of his.

He waited till it became persistent
Then made his first move.
As he neared,
She turned around as if in anticipation.

What he wanted to tell her,
What he wanted to ask her,
All flew out of his mind –
By the mere sight of her captivating eyes…

And their love story begins…



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