Blind Part II: Reconnection

Contents so far: Summary Part I: Lost and Found Despite being in contact with his friends and family for all the time he was gone, the three years' worth of emotions overwhelmed Gale. So much that, as soon as he had caught sight of her, he had wanted to throw his arms around Annalise's slender,... Continue Reading →


Blind Part I: Lost and Found 

For the summary, click here. Their acquaintanceship went back a long way in history, but never did Annalise think that she would fall for anyone the likes of him. Gale had always been in her life, for as long as she could remember. He was there to ward off the "evil entities", as she called... Continue Reading →


Two childhood friends had been leading separate lives for three years - the longest in their lives so far - and have felt the pain of being apart. But now, when they finally meet again, some feelings begin to creep into their friendship, feelings that they had always been blind to... The above is the... Continue Reading →

Her Angel

She lay on her bed, Moping for the ones Who don't deserve a second thought – For she's too innocent To stop lamenting: The kind-heart that she is. She's too innocent And thinks it's all her fault that She wasn't accepted – Her despise for herself Grew every passing day. She sat at her desk,... Continue Reading →

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