Anne’s “As You Like It”… #24

This is no longer about who says what. This has now become who doesn’t say what and why.


Anne’s “As You Like It”… #23

Never lose faith. For, you're never alone. You'll have friends when the time comes. They might seem indifferent or even uncaring right now, but they secretly care about you. They'll support you when you need it.

Anne’s As You Like It… #22

It would be easier to be yourself without anybody knowing who you are... that way, there won't be anybody telling you how they expect you to behave, what they expect you to do with your life,... If people didn't know you existed, they wouldn't have anything to say to you. It's a beautiful thought to... Continue Reading →

A Little Something

Have you ever felt like there more happiness in this world than gloom? Have you ever felt that life is more beautiful than you had thought before? Have you ever thought that there can be light in the darkness that is your life? And all because one encounter that lasted less than two hours? All... Continue Reading →

Your Smile

Do you know why I love you? I've been asking this question to myself For a long time, And I think I have the answer now— You're always smiling. It doesn't matter that the world is against you, Or the people you care about are indifferent to you, Or things aren't going according to your... Continue Reading →

Anne’s “As You Like It”… #18

Konichiwa!! This is just my thought that I am putting down here. It is a very simple sentence, but I don't think many of us consider actually doing it. In fact, not doing this is the main reason behind so many misunderstandings that we see these days. Anyways, here is my thought: We all need... Continue Reading →

Types of People

There are two types of people on this planet (cliché, but true)--those 'who matter' and those 'who don't really matter'. When we are conversing with people, we have to take care of these two types. With the former, we are allowed to feel like we should make ourselves understood clearly before they judge us. With the latter though,... Continue Reading →

Anne’s As You Like It… #8

Konichiwa!!! B-) I am back to-day with a new thought: Just a little something to think about... Fear is the one thing that stops us from doing what we want. You feel you can achieve happiness in your life only by doing something that nobody has ever done before, then go ahead. No one's stopping... Continue Reading →

Anne’s As You Like It… #7

Ciao! B-) I'm back... for a short while, though........... Anyhow, I have another no-good thought for you. But, I think this one is true... *goes into a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppp thought* *comes out of the deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppp thinking* Yes, from my experience, this one is quite true, all right. 😀 Have a nice day, my lovely readers!! Ciao! B-)... Continue Reading →

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