Being Myself

Lately, so many things have been going on in my life. Sure, it's been over five months since I had moved and I had even settled into the kind of life I was so suddenly pushed into. Then again, the choice had been mine, and I had made it based on so many considerations. I... Continue Reading →


Can’t You See?

Can't you see I'm not in the mood To tolerate you mocking me Even for fun? Can't you see I'm too sad right now To see that you're jesting, Even if you can? Can't you see I'm too blind now To take you on Even if you want to? There's that girl Who's the same... Continue Reading →

The Future

The universe is big Lots to see, Lots to get used to; It'd take me a while To wrap my head around 'em all— The gravity of it all Has finally come crashing down upon me. How will the future look like for me? Nobody can tell – No fortune-teller can ever predict. But, do... Continue Reading →

Loverboy [Version II]

He was in love, he knew He knew from the point he saw her, Staring at the beautiful sky above her, Her face shining serene In the moonlit night. From the point he spotted her, He knew it was her or none; He knew when he saw her, That she was the best thing That'd... Continue Reading →

A Little Something

Have you ever felt like there more happiness in this world than gloom? Have you ever felt that life is more beautiful than you had thought before? Have you ever thought that there can be light in the darkness that is your life? And all because one encounter that lasted less than two hours? All... Continue Reading →

Your Smile

Do you know why I love you? I've been asking this question to myself For a long time, And I think I have the answer now— You're always smiling. It doesn't matter that the world is against you, Or the people you care about are indifferent to you, Or things aren't going according to your... Continue Reading →

Starting Over

I know I said I wanted to forget you, But you know what? I can't and I never will. It's not just because you're my first love, But because you're probably my only one. I can't help but peek at that photo that shows you, I can't help but wonder how life would have been... Continue Reading →

Types of People

There are two types of people on this planet (cliché, but true)--those 'who matter' and those 'who don't really matter'. When we are conversing with people, we have to take care of these two types. With the former, we are allowed to feel like we should make ourselves understood clearly before they judge us. With the latter though,... Continue Reading →


Before you came, My heart was a field of weeds. Before you came, My eyes sought red. Before you came, My mind was black. Before you came, My soul was just a wandering entity. But then...things changed... It's springtime now. When you came, My heart began flowering in the weeds. When you came, My eyes... Continue Reading →

What Have You Done to Me?

I was a little girl back then - Happy-go-lucky, Cheerful and lively - Not to mention, naughty - And Peter Pan's partner in crime. But now, I'm a girl in love - Growing up when I vowed never to - Sad and lonely - And waiting just for you - To feast my eyes on... Continue Reading →

I Have Faith

I have faith That one day you'll come back to me That one day you'll accept me again That one day we'll be together. I have faith That one day we'll comfort each other That one day we'll form a strong bond That one day we'll share a kiss. I have faith That one day... Continue Reading →


Dreams... Sweet and innocent imageries That little girls and boys keep - Cherished as diamonds - Treasures of the rarest kind. Dreams... Lively and memorable imageries That keep our hopes alive - As do our lives - Wealth of the uncommon kind. Dreams... They say we must have them As something for us to aim -... Continue Reading →

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