The Young Foreigner Part XLVI: Audience with Germaina Eyla

Previous >  Part XLV: Not a Grim Reaper   PART XLVI: AUDIENCE WITH GERMAINA EYLA TRUNA Germaina Eyla Truna produced a big smile as her visitors approached her. Both Elmeida and Yor gave her low bows in a gesture of submission. “Raise, my dear children!” the Germaina exclaimed. “I do not need so much respect!... Continue Reading →


Melodious Music of the Month – 10

I know it's been a long time since I wrote on this series. I just have this song that's running in my head, to match what is happening in my life at the moment. In order to give it more backing, I shall put a lyric video this time. It's called "Dear Diary", a song... Continue Reading →

Please Let Me In

If there's something wrong, I'm here to help you In one way or another - But, for that, you need to let me in. If there's something bothering you, I'm here to hear you out In one way or another - But, for that, you need to let me in. If there's a problem you... Continue Reading →

A Squirral on the Balcony

The following is a short story, featuring letters exchanged between a little girl and her father. Girl: "I saw a squirral in the balcony just now, smelling! I starred at it, till it went. First: It ate one bean; then the other, but they must be quite slippery so it dropped them. Then it went... Continue Reading →

The Young Foreigner Part XLI: Waiting

Previous > Part XL: Love and Music   PART XL: WAITING     It had been two days since Yor had woken up from his sickness and was overjoyed to have more moments to spend with Elmeida, while they awaited the servant’s arrival.     Lady Lorel presented to them a field behind the little city, to let... Continue Reading →

The Young Foreigner Part XL: Love and Music

Previous > Part XXXIX: Acquainting   PART XL: LOVE AND MUSIC ‘Darn, now I’ve gone and done it!’ Elmeida Yuri was sitting in the garden, after she had watered the plants around it, dejected about the little episode with Yor Castel, earlier that day. ‘Couldn’t I have simply apologised and run away?!’ “No, you couldn’t,” that... Continue Reading →

Glimpse of My Future

It's an ugly feeling, loneliness - I don't know how long this will go - If I could have just a glimpse of my future, Perhaps some of the misery in my soul would go away. It's an ugly feeling, misery - I don't know how long this will go - If I could have... Continue Reading →

Wish I Knew…

Wish I knew What it is Exactly that Is going around In your reserved mind, And unheard, tuneless, distant heart So I can tune myself accordingly And not worry my heart over and over, For, it's rejection I can't take again.

You Were The One

In a world Where I saw suppression first hand, You were the one to say That it was only an illusion. In a world Where I saw only the negative side, You were the one to tell me That it wasn't true. In a world Where I saw everything upright, You were the one to... Continue Reading →

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