Loverboy [Version II]

He was in love, he knew He knew from the point he saw her, Staring at the beautiful sky above her, Her face shining serene In the moonlit night. From the point he spotted her, He knew it was her or none; He knew when he saw her, That she was the best thing That'd …

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Your Smile

Do you know why I love you? I've been asking this question to myself For a long time, And I think I have the answer now— You're always smiling. It doesn't matter that the world is against you, Or the people you care about are indifferent to you, Or things aren't going according to your …

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A New Life: A Whole New Beginning

Warning: This piece of writing may contain some words or phrases that may seem derogatory to some people, but rest assured that I, the author of it, do not intend anything of that sort. Eileen James would rather have died than attend school the Monday after she had settled into her new home, had she …

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